Kendall Car Accident Lawyer

Welcome to Kendall Florida’s best car accident law firm for clients that want a lawyer to fight for them. 

We work hard for every client and treat them with the respect they deserve. At Tsitos Law, we pride ourselves on not being a typical “law firm factory”. Your case is handled by our experienced lawyers and you will always get us on the phone 24/7. We understand how stressful having a legal problem can be, but feel confident that you have a great legal team in us. The Law Office of Christopher Tsitos P.A. has the experience, integrity, and hard work ethic for your case.

My name is Christopher Tsitos. I am the founding partner of a car accident law firm in Kendall, FL. We strive to treat everyone of our clients as if you were our only client. Every single clients gets my cell phone number and can reach me 24/7!

If you or someone you know has been involved in car accident in Kendall, Florida, please give us a call for FREE CONSULTATION. 786-815-6296

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