What is the 14-Day Rule with Florida Car Accidents?

What is the 14 Day Rule?  As a Miami car accident lawyer, I have become very familiar with the 14 Day Rule. In Florida, if you do not seek medical treatment within 14 days of a car accident, your car insurance will not provide you with PIP coverage. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection.

Why is PIP important? PIP coverage is  required by law. PIP will provide you with $10,000 worth of medical coverage regardless of whether or not you caused the accident. PIP coverage you never have to pay back, even if you receive a settlement in a lawsuit. If you use your health insurance to pay for your medical treatment, you will have to pay it back when you settle the lawsuit.

Our Kendall personal injury lawyer understands the importance of acting quickly when someone is involved in a car accident. We have a network of medical care providers that we can refer you to. If you know someone who has been involved in a car accident in Miami, FL please give our personal injury lawyer a call at 786-815-6296. We are available 24.7 and consultations are always FREE. http://www.305personalinjurylawyer.com

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