My Child Was Injured On A Playground, Do I Have A Case?

My child was injured on a playground. Do we have a case? The short answer is it depends. In order to have a case for injuries, there had to be some sort of negligence on the school or entity that built and/or maintains the playground.

Playground injuries are very common. I recently settled a  large injury case that involved a child whom was severely injured when she fell off of the monkey bars. In this particular case, the school had failed to build and maintain the playground in accordance to safety standards that are in place. This failure lead to the my client’s injuries.

The Defendant will often argue that the child’s own negligence was the cause of their injuries.  The use of a playground expert is essential to prove that the playground was not built and/or maintained to the necessary safety standards. All playgrounds are to be built and maintained in accordance with the Public Playground Safety Handbook standards. This can be  accessed at the following link:

What is the value of my case? The value of your case depends on the extent of the injuries as well as the degree of the negligence. No two cases are the same. There are many factors that play into the value of case. With the guidance of legal counsel, you can be assured to get the most value out of the case.

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