What Should You Do When You Get Into a Car Accident?

      What should you do when you get into a car accident? This is a question that I get a lot. For me, being a personal injury attorney, the answer is easy to rattle off:

Call 911: The police will show up, write a report and cite the driver at fault.

Get medical attention if needed: Get medical attention as soon as possible to prevent further injury.

Take photos on your phone: This is your evidence! Make sure you take photos of who is in the other car too!

Get the other driver’s information: We need to know who to contact and who their insurance company is.

Talk to any witnesses: Get their names and phone numbers, they may help prove your case in the end.

Get a Personal Injury Lawyer: make sure to only hire a lawyer that solely  practices personal injury law. Many lawyers practice more than one area of law but that is not necessarily a good thing. As the saying goes, Jack of all trades, Master of none. My law firm only practices personal injury law. We are experts in the field and have settled hundreds of injury cases.

            This list of what to do was so easy for me to explain to potential clients. However, recently as I was leaving the courthouse, I was involved in an accident when the traffic came to a stop. I was stopped for approximately 10 seconds when I was violently stuck from behind. For a second it was very disorienting. I got out of my car and people that were  behind us began to lay on their horns and yell at us to move. It took me a few seconds to get my bearings, get over the initial shock and jump into action.

            I can completely understand how someone without any legal training could fail to do everything 100% right. That is okay! The list I provided is just a guideline to making sure you go into your lawsuit with all the tools available to you. If you skip one or two or all the steps, it is not necessarily the end of your case.

            If you have a possible claim for injuries or if you have any questions, please feel free to visit out website at www.305personalinjurylawyer.com or you can call us at 786-815-6296.

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