FAQ (some of the most commonly asked questions I get in accident cases)

The following is a list of the most commonly asked questions in an accident case.

  • How much is my case worth?
    • The short answer is that it depends. A lot of different factors are taken into consideration to determine what a particular case is worth. For example, some of these factors include:  the severity of the injury, surgery, recovery, therapy, past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, liability, time lost from work, loss of earning capacity, previous personal injury lawsuits, etc. All of these factors and many more play into one another to determine the value of your case. Every single case is different.
  • How long will my case take?
    • The first step in any personal injury case is to attempt to settle out of court, without a lawsuit, which usually only takes a few months. However, a personal injury case should never be settled until the injured client has reach MMI (maximum medical improvement). This mean that you are either fully healed or very close to it. Settling a case without knowing for sure how well the client will heal or if they will ever be the same is a disservice to the client.
  • How is the attorney fee calculated?
    • All lawyers in Florida must follow the standards that are set by the Florida Bar. Almost all Personal Injury Lawyers charge the same fee. Generally, the fee 1/3 of the total settlement.
  • What is Negligence?
    • Negligence is the failure to fulfill a duty that is owed. For example, a store has a duty to keep their store reasonably safe for their customers. Failure to keep the store safe is negligence on the part of the store.
  • Should I sign the Release?
    • You should only sign a release if you have consulted with a personal injury lawyer. Many times, you will only be offered a fraction of what your case is really worth.
  • What is a LOP (Letter of Protection)
    • Sometimes, a client will lack adequate medical insurance coverage to get the necessary treatment for their injuries. Medical facilities will sign a contract with you saying that they will treat you so long as you pay for their services rendered once you settle your case.

If you have any questions about your case or a potential case, please feel free to call us at 786-815-6296. Our Miami Law Firm is dedicated is every single case, no matter the size of your case.

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